Direct Mail

Direct Mail remains one of your best marketing tools.

Direct Mail may be the only "traditional" method of advertising that continues to succeed in this new Internet Age. Television and radio sales continue to struggle. Magazines and newspapers are going out of business at a record pace. But direct mail has not only held its own, it has actually continued to grow.

There's a very simple reason for this: Direct Mail works. So whether you are conducting a national campaign with millions of pieces or a local one with five thousand, UMG Direct Response can navigate the complicated waters of design, production, mailing & tracking for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose UMG Direct Response for your Direct Mail needs:

• We don’t make you wait. We have spent years developing a production network that produces quality mailers quickly. For most mailings we can print, sort, and mail your pieces in only 3-7 business days. We hit your deadlines every time!

• We know how to work with the US Postal System. The system for bulk mail is far more complicated than the one most of us use for retail mailings. There are hundreds of pages of regulations, constantly changing requirements, and dozens of different pricing levels for postage. We know how to work within the USPS system to insure your mail gets to its destination in the most efficient manner and with the best postage rates.

•We do it all, from soup to nuts. Design, print, list generation, mail preparation, consulting and more. That makes things fast and easy for you. We are a one-stop shop that allows you to concentrate on what’s most important for your company - acquiring new customers. We take care of the rest.

• Our prices are great. Out national network of affiliates enables us to produce your direct mail at some of the most aggressive rates around.