Telemarketing & Direct Mail Lists

The key to your success is quality data.

 You can have the most amazing dog food advertisement in the world, but if you deliver that message to cat owners you're not going to get a very good response.

At UMG Direct Response there is nothing we stress more than targeting, because the success of your campaign depends as much (if not more) on who you go to as what you communicate to them. We work with our clients to develop a target audience for their message, and then we generate the data (list) necessary to reach that audience. 

Here are a few of the many reasons you should look to UMG Direct Response for your list needs:

• We can generate any list information you will ever need! Actual data, modeled data, demographic data, property files, specialty consumer data and much, much more.

• We don’t make you wait. Tired of waiting for days to get a count or purchase your data? At UMG Direct Response we can generate most counts in as little as a few hours, and most purchases in 24 hours or less.We guarantee it!

• Do you want appends? No problem! We can take your list and add cell phone numbers, email addresses, and other forms of useful data. Just ask! We can also clean your list, eliminating duplicates, performing NCOA/CASS, merge-purge and other list hygiene. When you work with UMG Direct Response, you don’t need multiple data providers.